Introduction to the Seven Trumpets and the Seven Vials



             Seven Trumpets and Seven Vials

Now that John has laid a good foundation of how to understand the Book of Revelation, let’s now get ready for the Trumpets and Vials. The vials are plagues that will be put upon man kind and the earth during these seven years. They will be controlled by two men, referred to as Two Witnesses. Notice how each plague in each of the Trumpets corresponds with each Vial in the same year, another way John was trying to show us the order to the Book of Revelation. We will now start in the first year again with the first Trumpet and fill in all scriptures for this year, ending with the first Vial.

We will do the same under all of the Trumpets.  Look at your chart.  Scriptures are not out of order.  With Chapter 10 ending in the seventh year, notice how it tells you at the end of it, what you are to do, go back to the first year and fill in all scriptures for each year until the seventh Trumpets comes up again which of course will land in the seventh Year.   As you go through these seven Trumpets and Vials, watch for the clues to guide you for there are many.

Also notice on your chart, Chapter 11, 12, and 13 all start in the first year.  All of the others did not have to follow suit for they told you by giving you the answer by numbers in each of the Seals Trumpets and Vials.

You just finished the Introduction to “Beast – vs – Survivor” – “Hidden in Plain Sight”

To continue to Chapter 8 & 6,  First Trumpet and Vial,  Click here.



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